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Blogging is a creative platform that utilises AI to help pull creativity out of its users.  It promotes conscious creativity that considers different views points on endless topic choices and helps the users and reader alike find mindful solutions to problems.  The platform can be adapted, or accommodate, as many different markets as needed.

Blog Companion

Create the blogs you need from your unique subject ideas in your head.

Text Generation

Create language, scripts, books, blogs, and more.

Code Generation

Need some create code for your project, allow us to help.

Idea Generation

Conscious creativity that considers different views points on endless topic choices.

Generate Your Ideas Without AI Doing It For You

the Way You

Design & Build Faster With Your Own Blogging Companion. 

Save Time & Money With Tools That Feel Like Actual Magic

Your New Blogging
Creative Companion


Why Blogging Creative Companion?

AI was meant to automate the most boring of human tasks, but almost weekly AI breaks new ground in emulating the human creative process. The seemingly relentless march in AI progress over the last 18 months threatens the creative industries as we know them.

Our platform takes a different approach – harnessing the latest advancements in AI, but to aid the writing process, not write the content.

As humans, we need to train our creative muscles but with recent advancements in AI, we’re in danger of these muscles wasting away.

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