You can eat meat and show love.  You can eat meat and meditate.  Similarly, you can even eat meat and call yourself spiritual.  Can you eat meat and be spiritual?  Let’s discuss.  The short answer i think is yes, and this is coming from someone who has protested over animal rights issues and who was vegan for 4 years.  Let me explain…

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→ You Can Eat Meat And Learn

→ Animals Are Our Friends?

Our Consciousness

→ Food Effects Our Thoughts and Feelings


You Can Eat Meat And Learn

Just as we are all capable of love, similarly we are all capable of learning.  Saying you can’t eat meat and be on a spiritual journey is like saying you have to be perfect at the very start of it.  Your spiritual awakening, your spiritual healing, will change you.  You may well find yourself questioning eating meat as your mind opens.  Unlike some religious practises, spirituality has no pre-defined list of things you must be, or do, to be able to further yourself.

If you eat meat and have felt the opening of your mind you should expect these kinds of questions arising in yourself.  Spiritual growth is about questioning everything, it is about preparing yourself to look beyond your own beliefs.  Including what you put inside your body and what effect that has on all living beings.

Meat ribs on a wooden round plate

Animals Are Our Friends?

The vegan argument is a strong one and one that cannot simply be ignored.  We are more aware these days of the links between the well presented steaks and sausages on supermarket shelves and the death and suffering they often cost.  The same goes dairy and eggs.  Animal agriculture is a machine that turns the lives of animal sin to a conveyer belt of body parts to satisfy demand.

Can you grow in to an enlightened being knowing you contribute to death and suffering of other non-human animals when you don’t need to?

The same goes for the spiritual argument…

1. Connection to Nature and Ancestral Practices

Many spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of staying connected to nature and respecting ancestral practices. For some cultures, hunting and consuming meat have been integral parts of their way of life for thousands of years, and these practices are seen as a way to honor their heritage and maintain a natural balance.

2. Circle of Life

Some spiritual beliefs advocate that all life is interconnected and that the consumption of meat is a natural part of the cycle of life. In this view, humans are part of a food chain that involves both giving and receiving life, and eating meat is seen as a natural and necessary process.

3. Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Advocates of ethical meat consumption argue that it is possible to eat meat in a way that is environmentally sustainable and humane. This involves choosing meat from animals that are raised in natural, humane conditions and ensuring that nothing goes to waste, thus aligning with spiritual principles of stewardship and respect for all living beings.

Lamb Smiling

Our Consciousness

The exploration of consciousness is an enormous, open pool of anything you can imagine.  As you explore your consciousness you realise the possibilities, the depths and shallows.  You realise that peace lays there.  And then all of a sudden you realise, animals are conscious too!  They are thinking, feeling, loving beings just like me!  As you appreciate the inner self, consciousness and just being, you become aware of it in others too.  Including animals

Spirituality brings with it the respect of all beings, one of my favourite mantras “You are loving awareness from Ram Dass” means being loving of everything you are aware of.  Spirituality brings with it a heightened awareness which will include the eating of meat.  If you are aware of the suffering you want to stop it.  If you ignore these feelings it will very possibly create conflict in you.

Avocado and eggs on toast

Food Effects Our Thoughts and Feelings

Depending on what you fuel your body with depends on how you will feel, in body and mind.  The toxins in meat and dairy can have an untold negative effect on your digestion and other systems.  The effect on your mind, when consuming other sentient life, hasn’t yet fully been explored by those in the sciences.  What I can tell you though is since being vegan my mind and body feel so much better and are in tune with my ethics and view on life.

Yes you can be spiritual and eat meat, and yes you can learn and grow and develop away from it.  Plants sustain our very being, plant medicines guide and heal us.  The Earth has given us all we need in the plants that grow the from ground.  So to sum up – Yes you can be spiritual and eat meat but by it’s very nature your spirituality will probably guide you away from it.

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Blueberries on toast


Yes you can eat meat and be spiritual, but expect the questions you pose to yourself as you grow to include whether you should or not.  Spirituality is a broad term and the suffering of others, including animals, no matter what spirituality means to you, will always be a consideration.

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