As long as their is a need for information and as long as there is the internet, there will always be those looking to make a living via blogging from their passion.

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→ Adverstising (Google Adsense & Private Advertising)

→ Sponsorships


→ Online Digital Products

→ Affiliate Marketing


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To help you on your way to becoming a blogger here are some ways that you can make money doing what you love…


1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense basically allows you to copy and paste some code provided by Google in to your website.  There are lots of different types of ads and ways of doing it but for the purposes of this website the adverts appear where this code is pasted.  Alternatively you can ask Google to automatically install the ads where it thinks are the best places from assessing your site.  I personally found this a bit too intrusive and I had too many ads in places I didn’t want them.

It is fairly straight forward though, create an Adsense account and follow the instructions laid out there.  Google keep it simple because they want people to use it.  That said I did have a few hiccups and problems but a few internet searches later and I found the answers I needed – There are of lots of YouTube videos on how to do it so no need to worry that it might be out of your grasp.

The key for me was to block any unwanted ads and try to incorporate ones that were appropriate, ones that people might be interested in.  You never get it 100% right and it is an on-going thing to keep an eye on.

These ads can bring you an income based on people clicking or just viewing them.  Once they have been added to your site they will look a bit like this…

2. Private Advertising

Privately placed ads on your website will often give you a weekly or monthly income.  As this is a private deal between yourself and another entity it can be as complicated or simple as you both agree on.  You can also choose which companies or people to work with, ensuring that they fit in with your brand, spiritually speaking.

Some companies may ask you to review their product or service in the form of a blog in exchange for a fee.  This is another good way of advertising just make sure you give an honest review and keep your integrity intact!


Sponsored blogs or posts are where a company pays you to promote them, but not through ads, in one form or another.  If your blog becomes successful and you have gained a social media following for example, promoting them to your audience can bring in good returns.

Promoting businesses to your audience is very much based on your trust and assessment of that company, if you promote businesses that are not involved with your spiritual message in one way or another your audience will soon catch on.  E.g. If I promoted vegan juices – cool.  If I promoted KFC – not cool.


Some blogs use Patreon to gratefully receive any donations that people may want to make.  Some other sites I have seen use a PayPal donation plugin, there are quite a few ways this can be done.

These contributions to you and your business can really help especially in the early days.  I chose Patreon as it provides ways to give back to those people who make small, monthly donations in the form of personal blogs and photos etc that isn’t available to anyone else.

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Online Digital Products

E-books, webinars, online courses, guides on meditation, breath work, crystals, how to connect, places to go, people to meet, Skype guided meditations etc are all good resources that you can sell from your sight.

E-products can all be downloaded directly from your site so no need for postage and your customer can have access to it straight away.  Once you have created something you think people will be interested in the work is done and it can be downloaded lots of times without any need for further work.  These will also drive further revenue from people who want more personal help or services.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of trackable links towards a product or service in exchange for a commission on the sale of that product or service.  For example, a company provides you with a link which takes people to the sale of a meditation book.  This link tracks the source of thats persons visit to the site containing the books and for every book bought you receive 20% commission. 

If you have a dedicated following or a good amount of visitors to your blog these affiliate sales can again contribute a good income.  If you’ve ever wondered which ways spiritual bloggers make money, or indeed any online business, affiliate marketing will something you will come across regularly. 


Keep in mind that making money from blogging requires dedication, time, persistence and hard work.  Just like any other business.  I can’t stress enough the importance of giving people something that they will value and that will help them. 

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get started and to create your website if you are willing to learn a few initial skills.  Remember the questions you had when you first began your blogging journey because other people will have similar ones.

If you think of any other ways bloggers make money let us know in the comments! Good luck!

This blog may contain affiliate links.  Image credit Pexels, Unplash.