What is the meaning of life?  Indeed is there one?  I’m not convinced there has to be a meaning to life, and that isn’t an easy pill to swallow for everyone.  Let me explain.

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→ Intro

→ To Love

→ To ‘Be Here Now’

→ To Be Happy

To Procreate

To Create Your Own Meaning



People do search around all their lives looking for a purpose or a meaning to their existence.  But what if there isn’t a purpose to be found?  Not everyone can reconcile that thought and many don’t even like think about it.  If you consider that some of the worst things in human history are carried out by people with a God given purpose in terror attacks, for example, it gives rise to questioning life’s purpose at least.  Is a life purpose all that important or righteous?  Or are we just ‘here to be here’ as it were?

There are a few things to keep in mind before reading on;

  • This blog covers the meaning of life from a spiritual standpoint.
  • Don’t go along with a purpose someone else sets for you, this includes any particular religious texts.
  • Keep your mind open and recognise your beliefs die with you.
  • Be open to the fact that life may have no meaning.
  • Similarly, be open to the possibility that death is what gives life its meaning.
  • The meaning of life can be different for everyone.

The Meaning of Life is to Love

Sure, I can get on board with this.  Life is most definitely about love, showing it, sharing it, becoming it.  That is the mantra of my life really.  Love is the most powerful of any emotion and one thing you won’t regret on your death bed is the amount of love you show people.  A spiritual path starts and ends with love in all its limitless forms.

Love in an inward state, you must love yourself before you love anything else.  The same goes for consciousness and meaning, become the most conscious being you can.  To say that the meaning of life is love, is to explore the being you really are and realise your true, higher self.

The Meaning of Life is to 'Be Here Now'

“Be Here Now” is the title of Ram Dass’ best book (in my opinion) and such is the strength of that phrase it became the focal point of his teachings.  To be completely in the moment, whatever you’re doing, washing the dishes or cutting grass; be completely immersed in it.  This isn’t an easy thing to achieve, far from it.

We truly experience life by “being here now” and when we are fully in the moment, that moment is all there is.  To dedicate your life to this practice is a pure as purpose as any.

The teachings of spiritual leaders such as Ram Dass act as a guiding light to us for the meaning of our life.  Your time is well spent reading some of what they teach.

meaning of life

The Meaning of Life is to Be Happy

Happiness is something everyone wants, but does that make it the meaning of life?  Your happiness lies within, external factors in your life will never make you truly happy if you are not happy within yourself.  Being happy and being conscious for me are linked, after that the spiritual road to happiness lies within the journey to your higher self.

If your spiritual journey leads you to exploration of love and peace, then yes happiness is a part of that journey.

The Meaning of Life is to Procreate

Some see their goal in life is to carry on their name, to have offspring and a family.  The continuation of their part of the gene pool is a physiological factor that can be very strong, but is this the meaning of existence?

If this is the case then all the people who chose not to have children, or who can’t, have no meaning to life? Therefore I can’t see that is the case.  Likewise some of the most spiritually aware people I know are single with no children.  This is a scientifically oriented view point which scientists refer to when discussing evolution and similar.  Survival and propagation of life, while might be a biological necessity, it could be argued against quite easily.

The Meaning of Life is to Create Your Own Meaning

Bare with me on this one.  If we assume for a moment that life has no inherent meaning then it can be up to us to create one.  After all, who says that there is a single meaning for us all?  Meaning can be anything that we apply to our years on this plane if existence.

Spirituality is the process of consciousness, the observation of life, and this is indeed my life’s meaning.  Therefore maybe life is open to any meaning you want to give it?  Life is so vast with a multitude of experiences and lessons to be learned.  There can be meaning to all of it.


In conclusion remember to become your own conscious being and focus on being the best version of yourself.  Let others walk their own path and find their own meaning.  Your spiritual ego can be left at the door when finding meaning.

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