Sam Garrett is a singer / song writer originally from Derbyshire, England, who through devotional heart songs aims to bring peace and joy back to the world.

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Who Is Sam Garrett?

Sam Garrett is a spectacular talent in pursuit of the removal of ego, rather than the development of one, which is a rare thing.  Sam Garrett and his music, his words and his divinity are something real.  “Who is Sam Garrett?” is the question that may have brought you to this blog, and if you already know of Sam then this may offer a bit more insight. 

One of the easiest ways I could give you a taste of Sam Garrett is to click your way to his YouTube channel where you can see him sing for Mooji and others. It is one of my favourite moments.  This really gives you an idea of the love that he brings with him.

Sam Garrett with mud on his face


I have written previously about my spiritually motivated move to London in 2018 and my search for like minded souls.  That search introduced me to Sam.  One of my first experiences on my mind opening path was a Kirtan held in Hackney Wick, this is where I first met Sam.  Along with the Hanuman Project, a room full of beautiful souls and mother Cacao I had an evening of heart songs and realisations.  It was a random Sunday evening that showed me something that my eyes did not see but my heart felt, an experience that I hadn’t really had before.  Sufficient is it to say, it hit me right in the feels. 

Sam played guitar, sang and pretty much had everyone in the room hanging from note to note.  I have met Sam a few times since that day and he was kind enough to meet me for a coffee and tell me his story a bit more in depth so I could put spiritual pen to paper and you can get to know him a bit better.

Sam Garrett playing guitar


At 33 years old Sam Garrett is beyond his years and a teacher to many.  Born in Burton-On-Trent, Sam had a musical upbringing from both his parents, a gift that thousands are now grateful was nurtured.  Brought up on Marley, The Stones, The Beatles, I can see those influences in his songs and also the overwhelming heart that flows in to them.  I’m not sure even Sam knows where his songs come from other than from somewhere within him.  I asked Sam who his biggest influences are, his first answer was his connection to nature (great answer), also Ramana Maharshi and Mooji.

From an Ashram in Glastonbury, Sam moved to London in 2012 ending up in Camden in 2013 where he stayed until his travels around India began in 2014.  An 18 month trip that would see Sam hear of Mooji for the first time.  Sam would later meet Mooji in Brixton in 2015 and an amazing connection was fixed in ‘time’ forever.  It’s through Sam that I first heard of Mooji myself, I saw his photo at Sam’s flat in Hackney Wick and I too have learned how un-refutable the wisdom of both often are.  And so, the story goes on. 

Sam Garrett playing guitar


Who is Sam Garrett?  Well, an opener of hearts, a teacher, musician, beacon of what could be, all of the above really.  Sam spent the years he did busking on the streets, using the acoustics in tube station entrances and travelling around the world for the love of music and life.  He doesn’t seem to crave fame or ‘likes’ and has given his time to this blogger over the last 5 years or so,  I’m thankful for that. 

Some say he belongs in a Head and Shoulders advert (the man has glorious hair!), I say he’s right where he should be.  As are we all. 

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